Multi-Day Tours of Bulgaria

If you travel during the rose harvest period (end of May, beginning of June), it would be a great possibility to pass by the blooming rose fields. Together we will adjust the dates in a way you arrive in Kazanlak right for the festival. During the rest of the tour you will enjoy fabulous sites, Ancient history, Roman remains, Thracian tombs and beautiful sights. You will pass through small villages with tiny houses, where people still live in the “olden days”. Centuries will pass before your eyes, while exploring ancient sites, sanctuaries, monasteries and secluded areas. I can combine any program with the Rose festival. It only has to be during the period of the festive period, preferably from June 1 to June 10. Just tell me what is your plan and I will develop it to a great itinerary.

Why book your multi-day tour of Bulgaria with us?

  • Fully customized tour based on your time-frame
  • You pick up your own dates
  • I adjust the program in a way you arrive in Kazanlak or Karlovo right for the festival
  • All tickets for the parade and the other events I will purchase in advance
  • I will guide you my self or will provide a great guide from my experienced team
  • You will enjoy a smooth and comfortable driving
  • Leave the planning to me and enjoy your trip!

Booking one of our multi-day tours of Bulgaria will give you the possibility to discover the country in your own way. No rush and obligations! The guide will make sure that on the day of the Rose Festival the planning will go ease and smooth. You only have to enjoy!