Pavlina Docheva, Manager of Easy Bulgaria Travel ltd

Why choose us for your Tour of Bulgaria?

Tour of Bulgaria: Because we are good at exactly that! We have more than 15 years of experience, 100% satisfied customers and their wonderful recommendations, which speaks for itself about our professionalism.

Because all our tours are offered at the best price available on the market. The combination of best value for money, excellent guides, safe and comfortable vehicles (which are owned by us only) and excellent recommendations is a guarantee of impeccable service. An unforgettable journey awaits you, and with the highest quality!

Why choose us for your Tour of Bulgaria? – The Best Prices!

We offer more than affordable prices. At first glance you will say “what a cliché” and you will be right – it is!

At first glance, you’ll see that this is true just by looking at our prices. And it’s no secret – we offer the best prices because we get good rates on accommodation, we have our own cars and we drive our clients ourselves.

We offer tours where every cent is worth it. This phrase was not coined by us, but we usually hear it from our customers. At the end of the excursion, they realize how easy it is to secure a private excursion at an affordable price and how invaluable it is to avoid all the hassle you would otherwise have.

Personalized and Tailor Made Bulgaria Tours

We create our tours depending on your budget, number of days and whether you have specific interests. We give suggestions on what’s worth seeing and what events you can see. Flexibility and uniqueness are our seals of authenticity. 90% of our tours are based on tailor-made programs.

You can change the program even while travelling.

We do not anticipate any additional costs to customize the tour.

Exclusive Cultural Opportunities & Programs

We know that the best insight into a tour is to allow the traveler to immerse themselves in the lives of the locals. We proudly offer great cultural connections to the lives of Bulgarians. Our tours give you a unique chance to meet the locals and learn more about their lives, practical activities and visits to local markets. You will learn more about the communist period and enjoy unforgettable folk performances. Whenever possible, we will offer you to be part of some of the many and very colorful festivals in Bulgaria.

We are proud to be able to interact with the locals, with the witness of everyday life and with the experiences in a home-like setting, which are the best way for an authentic cultural exchange.

Programs not only for tourists but for YOU, the traveler

Why choose us for your Tour of Bulgaria
Easy Bulgaria Travel

Based on our experience for each individual tourist and for each group we develop a unique program. We understand that not all people have the same interests and expectations. Therefore, before we give you an offer, we will ask you a few simple questions, such as whether you have any special interests, whether you want to see more historical sites or whether you prefer to take your time and have enough free time. We will offer you the best you can see.

We’ll give you tips on where to exchange money and where not to, where to beware of pickpockets (although it’s pretty safe in Bulgaria), which restaurants are good and what to order, which areas are interesting and where you can spend your free time.

Why choose us for your Tour of Bulgaria? – Home-cooked food

Easy Bulgaria Travel - Why choose us for your Tour of Bulgaria?
Easy Bulgaria Travel

In several villages in Bulgaria, our guests can enjoy home-cooked food. Whether it’s lunch or dinner, the hostess will prepare some traditional dishes especially for you.

A great opportunity to meet people in their home and see the real life of ordinary people. In some of the houses the hosts welcome ONLY clients of our company and no other tourists.

Cultural events

Rose Festival, Bulgaria
Rose Festival, Bulgaria

We are always up to date with the cultural events calendar and can give you suggestions and information about cultural events taking place in the different cities we visit.

Plus, we’ll help you buy tickets and, of course, get you there.

New, comfortable and fully equipped and insured cars

Mercedes Viano

We know that your safety when travelling is paramount, which is why we regularly update our fleet.

Our touring cars are insured, pass a technical inspection every month and all have perfect air conditioning.

More about our vehicles see here: Our vehicles | New Mercedes Mini Vans | Bulgaria Private Tours (

More about our Luxury Vehicle Department you can see in our web site.

Different Tour Guides

Easy Bulgaria Travel -Why choose us for your Tour of Bulgaria
Easy Bulgaria Travel

Oh, we tour guides – how important a good tour guide is to a successful tour. Let’s think about what it takes to be a good tour guide (and I call it the four E).

– Excellent English

– Extensive knowledge in the tourism sector

– Experience

– Entertainers with a good sense of humor

Centrally located hotels

Sofia City Center
Sofia City Center

This is one of our rules – all the hotels we use are located in the city center, which allows tourists to have more access to the main shopping areas.

Because we have been working with many people for years, our guests are treated as special and can be guaranteed security and impeccable service.