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This is Ivoslav – Driver and entertainer … even a paramedic and bodyguard … a furtherer of time-honored Bulgarian values, virtues, and family traditions.

Irreparably optimistic, the eternal positive thinker – his answer to the question “How are you” is “I feel like tonight was my prom!”.

Enthusiastic Primo Tenore di “Gusla” choro academic (or, in plain English, tenor of gusla men’s choir). An irresistible supporter of young people (if they are ready to accept support, i.e.!), and loving for children, observing the principle of loving-free.

Esthete, capable of contemplating a painting, natural landscape or phenomenon for hours, even if they are a beautiful tree,… Nurturing his inherent interests in history, geography, literature, languages, cars, architecture, music – any style except Chalga (this tasteless mixture of sensuality and stupidity, so highly honored by the Bulgarian bandits), Rap, and similar musical misunderstandings..