Plovdiv European Capital of Culture

Plovdiv, Ancient Theater

Plovdiv European Capital of Culture 2019

Plovdiv was the first Bulgarian city chosen to be a Cultural Capital of Europe.

In 2019, twenty years after the city was a host of the Month of Culture in 1999, it celebrated the most prestigious cultural initiative of the European Union.

Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Plovdiv, Bulgaria

European Capital of Culture is a unique project for Bulgaria, which provided opportunities for the development of the potential of the city. Also, it acquired new international visibility and perspective of the Bulgarian culture as a whole.

Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Plovdiv, Bulgaria

The programme of Plovdiv European Capital of Culture 2019 included also activities and events in the South Central Region of Bulgaria.

Matera, the beautiful city in Italy, was the twin-capital, together with Plovdiv. The two cities collaborated actively and had common projects and initiatives. For 2019 Matera also represented the region of Basilicata.

Plovdiv Day Tour is a must-do tour when you visit Bulgaria. “Ancient and Eternal” Plovdiv is one of the most appealing cities in Bulgaria and the Balkans. The first foundations laid here between 6-8000 years ago, thus making it older than Rome or even Beijing. Plovdiv is a great combination of real historical and archaeological treasures with the liveliness of a modern city and great cultural and night life.

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