Our Team of Great Guides is the biggest treasure of Easy Bulgaria Travel Ltd.

Below you will find short information about the guides that make part of our great team. They are fully licensed by the Ministry of Tourism with excellent credentials and expertise. The big part of the pre-planning work for any tour emanates from our office, but we know that our guides provide the “icing on the cake”. Time and time again we get compliments on their high standard and willingness to turn the tour to a real joyfulness. They will go the extra mile for any of our guests.

They share the same vision about the service that our clients deserve and the same idea about how to provide an unforgettable tour.

A great tour guide means a great adventure. We handpicked each of them for the passion, knowledge, dedication and responsibility and we are extremely proud of them. We fully trust their professionalism, knowing that each of them will contribute enormously to making a tour a memorable experience.

They will take you to hidden places that you will not find yourself. Will suggest the best restaurants in town and will tell you about the best wine. Will always do something extra and exciting for you. The secret is that they all love their job and they do it with a lot of enthusiasm and a never-ending desire to show you how beautiful Bulgaria is. A rule that each of them will strictly respect, is never, ever to take a tourist to a shop or vendor for a commission.

What can you expect from your guide in Bulgaria?

  • A great personality
  • Knowledge, passion, dedication and friendliness
  • Safe and comfortable driving
  • Assistance and attention
  • Suggestion about the best local food and the beverages
  • Information about cultural events or some performances
  • In case of emergency you can trust in his adequate actions

Our Tour Guides: Simply the Best Team

  • All are licensed and speak excellent English,
  • Their mission is to offer an ”insider’s perspective” on the places you are visiting.
  • Experienced and resourceful guides having a deep knowledge of the country, history, architecture and local customs. We feel sure that you will enjoy their company and benefit from their knowledge.
  • All our driving tour guides have a clean driving record.

More about the services of our team of great guides you can see in Trip Advisor here: Trip Advisor Testimonials Easy Bulgaria Travel Ltd

Guide in Bulgaria, tours in Bulgaria, guided tour bulgaria


Manager, Guide, Driver, English and French

Hi, my name is Pavlina, I am responsible for the communication and the organization of every tour. Writing to one of our mails you will get in touch with me. I speak English and French fluently and I guide in both languages. I am now …

Guide in Bulgaria, tours in Bulgaria, guided tour bulgaria


Guide, Driver, English

This is Volen! Whatever I say about him will not be enough. The numerous repeat customers that we have, ask for him again and again. Cannot tell you why, but I suppose that this is because he is more than helpful, more than knowledgeable, more …

Guide in Bulgaria, tours in Bulgaria, guided tour bulgaria


Guide, Driver, English

Hello, My name is Nikolay (Nicky for short). I am a graduated economist and an unconditional traveller! I consider myself very lucky to do what I love and to love what I do! It’s a big pleasure for me to convey my excitement and passion …

Guide in Bulgaria, tours in Bulgaria, guided tour bulgaria


Guide and Mountaineer, Driver, English

Hi, I am Dilyan, a professional tour and mountain guide with over ten years of experience. If I have to describe myself I can simply say that being on the road is where I belong and this is why I became a guide. I am passionate …

Guide in Bulgaria, tours in Bulgaria, guided tour bulgaria


Guide, Driver, English

My name is Marina and I have been a professional tour guide for eight years. 
My biggest passion in life is traveling and what a better thing to do for living than to
 do what you love most. I have always loved history and my country and …

Guide in Bulgaria, tours in Bulgaria, guided tour bulgaria


Guide, Driver, Entertainer, English

This is Ivoslav – Driver and entertainer … even a paramedic and bodyguard … a furtherer of time-honored Bulgarian values, virtues, and family traditions. An irreparable, incorrigible optimist, the eternal positive thinker – his answer to the “How are you” question is “I feel as …

Our Team of Great Guides - image Yurdana-300x300-280x300 on https://www.easybulgariatravel.com


Guide, Driver, English and German

Hi I am Yurdana, I guide English and German speaking individual tourists and groups. I have a ten year long experience as a tour-guide. I love Bulgaria and it would be my great pleasure to show you Bulgaria in full depth. What to expect from …

Our Team of Great Guides - image George-300x300-280x300 on https://www.easybulgariatravel.com


Guide, Driver, French

Je me prénomme Georgi et je vous propose mes services en tant que guide sur Sofia et ses environs. J’aime mon métier grâce au fabuleux contact qu’il nous permet d’avoir avec les touristes et leur faire découvrir la Bulgarie, un pays qui m’est cher. Mes …