Bulgaria and Romania Tours is a result of long-year work with our great partner from Romania Mr Andrei Nicolau. We have been working together for more than 10 years now. Every tour that we organize is a perfect symbiosis of our expertise, knowledge and experience. In our work we always do our best to turn the tour to a real experience.

Bulgaria and Romania Tours is a section where you will find tour combining the best of both countries.


In Romania you will have a chance to visit local Gypsy families, to learn about their origin, their culture and way of living today. Many regions of Romania are still virgin and undiscovered. The customs and the crafts are still alive and practiced mainly by the old population in the remote areas. Romania has beautiful rural regions where people are very hospitable and always happy to meet foreigners. Some of the most popular sites in Romania are Sighisoara, Sibiu, Brasov, the Carpathians, Maramuresh area and the Painted monasteries. Romania is a country that certainly has to be visited before it becomes way too westernized.


Some of the mountainous regions are real virgin areas, where people still use donkeys and horses as a main mean of transport in their every-day life. They produce themselves most of the food such as milk, yoghurt, cheese, butter and meat. Around the vast and green pastures of the Rhodope Mountain, you will see flocks of thousands of sheeps, goats and cows greasing the nutritious green grass. In the big towns like Veliko Tarnovo, Plovdiv and Sofia you will enjoy beautiful buildings and rich history. Along with the visits, you will taste delicious traditional Bulgarian food and fantastic local wines.

The combined tour of Bulgaria and Romania will give you a complete insight of both countries. It will take you to the 19th century life of the people.

What is the advantage to book a tour of Bulgaria and Romania with us?

  • We plan the itineraries in both countries and will send you a detailed program
  • You have to deal only with me for the plan for both countries
  • In both Bulgaria and Romania you will have professional licensed English speaking tour guides
  • We ensure a very smooth changing the vehicles and the guides at the Romanian-Bulgarian border. We will move the luggage and all your stuff from the Romanian to the Bulgarian vehicle (or vice versa). You only have to take your personal stuff and to say “Hello” to your new guide 😉

Discover Bulgaria and the Balkan Countries

Balkan Tours – Hard Work and Great Results

Romania Bulgaria Guided Tour
Romania Bulgaria Guided Tour

We did this selection of Balkan Tours after we explored in depth all the countries from the Balkan Peninsula. Then we decided on the best spots that deserved to be included in our tours. We know that many of our customers have limited time and want to see as much as possible. That is why we designed the Balkan Tours in a way they have a bit of everything. As the title states, to organize such a tour is a very hard work, but it is a great satisfaction when we receive the fantastic testimonials of our customers.

In our combined tours, you can visit Bulgaria and Romania or Bulgaria and Macedonia. You can also opt for Bulgaria, Macedonia and Albania. You can include the whole Balkan Peninsula going as far as Zagreb (Croatia) or even Ljubljana. Two of the guides in our team know the area as the five fingers on their hands. Booking a tour of the Balkans with us, you will also enjoy the service of the local guides that we know in person. We trust our customers to them since they have personality, knowledge and devotion.

How your Balkan Tour will look like?

In our Balkan tours, you will find the perfect symbiosis between timing, visits, guides, transportation and accommodation. However, we have to admit that the biggest advantage is the price. Instead of paying to five different agents for planning your trip to five countries, you pay only to one. You also save time and bank fees. We will plan the trip from A to Z and I promise that it will go easy and smooth. With no doubt it is much cheaper as well.

We only need to know the countries that are on your bucket list and your available time. If you are not sure which countries you would like to combine, no problem. We will give you some summarized information on each one, pointing roughly how many days you will need for it. Certainly, together we will end up with the right decision.

Why book your Balkan Tour with us?

  • Full tailor made tour including the countries that you plan to visit
  • An experienced guide from Bulgaria and great local guides on spot
  • You pay commission only to one agency instead of five
  • Save a lot from bank charges
  • Save plenty of time communicating only with me

What your Balkan Tour will include?

  • Accommodation including breakfasts
  • Transport, tolls, road taxes, border fees
  • Bulgarian guide to accompany you throughout and local guides on spot
  • Entrance fees

Basically, what we do not include is the meals. The reason is that the options for meals are so many and so diverse. Some people do not eat lunch, other prefer a big meal. Some eat diner and others do not. That is why the only element we do not include in the tour is the food.

Which countries the Balkan Tours include?

The Balkan Tours
The Balkan Tours

The countries that we include in our Balkan Tours are Romania, Bulgaria, North Greece, Macedonia, Albania, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Hercegovina and Slovenia.

Every country has its own charm, culture, history, cuisine and traditions. We believe that each of them you will find fascinating in its way. Macedonia is the romantic part of the Bulgarian past. Albania offers modern capital, authentic countryside, sand beaches and blue lagoons. Croatia with no doubt is the “cherry of the cake”. God has given so much beauty to its nature, that everywhere you go it will leave you breathless. Slovenia is geographically part of the Balkans, but in fact its culture, architecture and traditions are closer to Italy than to the other Balkan countries.

If you want to explore the vast geographical region of the Balkans, take this chance to visit it in one tour. We know how to do it! You only have to contact us!

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