Sofia Sightseeing Tours is a combination of few tours of Sofia designed to show you the beauty and the magnificence of the Bulgarian capital.

Here you will find our exemplary tours of the capital. I will be happy to design a tour based on your interests and your time-frame. If you are more interested in art and culture than in history, then I will be happy to organize it for you.

Private Tour of Sofia

The tour lasts for two and a half to three hours. I include all the significant landmarks located in the central part of the city. In this short time, I will certainly give you a tour that will make you fall in love with this magnificent city.

Tour of Sofia Full Day

I offer this tour to all my customers that want to see more than the central part of the city. I include visit to the Boyana church that is one of the seven UNESCO sites of Bulgaria. It is one of the must-see sites when you visit Sofia. Another exciting visit is to the National Historical Museum. It has more than 650 000 objects on display and in its depositories. You will admire unique artifacts from the Thracian culture. One of them is the Panaguyrishte Thracian Treasure dating to the 4century BC.

Tour of Sofia including the Vitosha Mountain

One of the unique aspects of the Bulgarian capital is its geographical location. It lies on a plain surrounded by mountains. The closest one is the Vitosha mountain. The longest cave in Bulgaria, immence flora diversity and unique stone rivers are only few of the facts that explain the interest towards it. And all year round it offers magnificent view towards the city. I find the combination of city and nature fantastic. That is why one of the Sightseeing Sofia Tours that I run most is namely this one.

Along with the historical information about Sofia and Bulgaria I can take you to local restaurants where you will taste the real traditional Bulgarian food. I can show you Sofia in a way that only a local can see it. If you want to get this great experience, take one of the Sofia Sightseeing Tours and enjoy every second of it.

Communist Tour of Sofia

Sofia Communist Tour by Trabant Car is a product that we designed three years ago. We realized how interesting and how unknown for the visitors the communist past was. It was exciting to find the Trabant car in a good state and to purchase it for the purpose of our Sofia Communist Tour. We decided that it was a great idea to include a ride by this emblematic car. Booking this tour with us, you will have the unique chance to experience the ride by the Trabant. Our Trabant was produced in 1985 and today it is in a perfect technical condition.

Discover Bulgarian History & Traditions

Discover Bulgarian History & Traditions

The culture of Bulgaria is the product of its geography and its rich historical past. Biggest influence today we have from the period of the Ottoman Empire. Along with many Turkish words that we still use in our vocabulary, our cuisine is also very similar to the one of Turkey and the Middle East. We also have many similarities in the superstitious beliefs, in the music and in the architecture. Another aspect is the patriarchal customs in the Bulgarian families. Not less intriguing is that until few years ago, the women covered their heads and the arranged marriages were not rare.

Today Bulgaria is a modern country orientated towards the Western culture and most of these rites are gone. Nevertheless, in our folklore, customs and crafts many of them are still alive. We celebrate the religious feasts in our own way and it gives the charm and the uniqueness of the local traditions.

Discover Bulgarian History & Traditions is a journey through the Bulgarian development throughout the centuries. You will fully dive in the rural life and the way the locals live today. It is just a fantastic way to get back to the past and to feel the simple life that people lived in the past.

Trust our experience and enquire your tour today! We will gladly send you a customized program in order you fully enjoy your adventure!

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Guided Sofia Tours

Guided Sofia Tours is a section of three tours of Sofia that seem to be the most interesting to our clientele. Here we provide detailed information about each of them.

Guided Sofia Tour for two and a half hours

This tour will take around two and a half hours. It will give you an overall idea about the rich history and the turbulent development of our capital. You will hear interesting historical facts and at the same time your guide will make you feel the city and fall in love with it. He/she will also give you information about the most popular bars and restaurants in Sofia.

If you have just a day or two in Sofia, this tour is the perfect possibility to get acquainted with the city.

Guided Sofia Tours including the Boyana Church and the National Historical Museum for six hours

If you have a full day to dedicate to visit Sofia, this is your best option. In this tour we combine a standard tour of Sofia with visit to the Boyana church (UNESCO) and the National Historical Museum.

The Boyana church is located at the foot of Mount Vitosha. It takes around 25 mins from the city center to get there. It is one of the Bulgarian sites acknowledged as a masterpiece of medieval art. The original church dates to the 10th – 11th century. In 1259 the Governor of Sofia added the second part of the church. An unknown painter painted the beautiful frescoes that we still admire today.

The National Historical Museum is located near the Boyana church. It offers a great collection of artifacts of various periods of the Bulgarian history. Here you will see unique Thracian artifacts related to the Thracian civilization.

Communist Tour of Sofia for two and a half hours

This tour is our pride and is what makes us different. Few years ago we filled our fleet with a Trabant car, the symbol of the Communism. Our aim was to run a tour that will reveal the communist past of Bulgaria. We did not know how big interest this tour would provoke. It turned out that the visitors were really very interested in this vague period of our development. Most of the customers are extremely surprised to hear the incredible stories that we tell. The tour includes the communist buildings located in the central part combined with the Socialist Art Museum. The ride is by the Trabant car that is itself the highlight of the tour.

Why Book One of Our Guided Sofia Tours?

  • You will get a very informative tour by one of our great guides
  • The guide will pick you up by a private car and will transport you to the foot of Mount Vitosha
  • You can choose the starting time of the tour
  • Have a break whenever you feel like. Get coffee or a bite before you continue
  • Do the tour at your pace
  • Enjoy the great service of your guide
  • Feel safe in our impeccably clean car