Rila Monastery Day Tour is a must-do tour if you visit Sofia and have a free day for touring.

The monastery is the oldest and the most visited in Bulgaria. Founded in the 10th century, today it is still one of the most important religious centers of Bulgaria and the Balkans. It lies in the Rila Mountain in a coniferous and deciduous fragrant forest that it gives further majesty to the setting.

Why Book the Day Tour to the Rila Monastery with us?

  • Knowledgeable, flexible and experienced guides
  • Comfortable and non-smoking vehicle equipped with wi-fi on board
  • Choose your own pick up time
  • Do the tour at your pace
  • Pick up and drop off at your hotel/address included
  • Admissions included

Discover Bulgarian History & Traditions

Discover Bulgarian History & Traditions

The culture of Bulgaria is the product of its geography and its rich historical past. Biggest influence today we have from the period of the Ottoman Empire. Along with many Turkish words that we still use in our vocabulary, our cuisine is also very similar to the one of Turkey and the Middle East. We also have many similarities in the superstitious beliefs, in the music and in the architecture. Another aspect is the patriarchal customs in the Bulgarian families. Not less intriguing is that until few years ago, the women covered their heads and the arranged marriages were not rare.

Today Bulgaria is a modern country orientated towards the Western culture and most of these rites are gone. Nevertheless, in our folklore, customs and crafts many of them are still alive. We celebrate the religious feasts in our own way and it gives the charm and the uniqueness of the local traditions.

Discover Bulgarian History & Traditions is a journey through the Bulgarian development throughout the centuries. You will fully dive in the rural life and the way the locals live today. It is just a fantastic way to get back to the past and to feel the simple life that people lived in the past.

Trust our experience and enquire your tour today! We will gladly send you a customized program in order you fully enjoy your adventure!

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