Best Time to Visit Bulgaria

Bulgaria rose festival

Best Time to Visit Bulgaria Quick Facts:

Visit Bulgaria

– Best time to visit Bulgaria is in April, May and September, October
– Busiest months are May, June – September
– Hottest months are June, July and August
– Best time for the beach is July and August
– High Tourist season is from end of April to end of September
– Low season is between November – March
– Ski season is from end of December until beginning of March

The busiest tourist season is between end of April and end of October. The cultural and historical tourism is in April, May and June and then very busy is September and less busy, but still very nice in October. July and August are rather good for a beach holiday.

The Climate in Bulgaria

The climate of Bulgaria is temperate continental, with a Black Sea influencein the east and a Mediterranean influence in the south. The Average January temperature is from -2 to +2C or 28 -35F (down to -10C or -14F in the mountains). The average July temperature is 19-25C or 66-77F. The plains receive snowfall from mid-October to mid-May with an average of 25-30 days with a snow-cover. Hail falls between May and August.

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