Discover Bulgaria and its Nature

Do you like to get out and explore nature? Do you enjoy spending your free time being active in the outdoors? Then you can discover something new and exciting and namely you can visit Bulgaria`s most stunning natural attractions. In this tour we emphasize on the beauty of the Bulgarian nature and the majesty of the mountains. You will have a chance to go around valleys and lakes, rivers and waterfalls, each of them charming in its own way.

In Bulgaria there are Natural parks with unique Flora and Fauna.

It is a real heaven for hikers regardless their level. Here you will find everything that you need – from high mountain peaks to low valleys. Weather you love to do lighter paths or difficult ridges, here you have the choice.

We elaborated the Discover Bulgaria and its Nature tour with our two experienced mountain guides. Each of them will go beyond your expectations and imagination. They will take you to the deepest valleys and the highest mountains just to give you the quantity of adrenalin that you can take. Trust our experience and discover this unknown part of Europe.