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Hi, my name is Pavlina!

I am Manager of Easy Bulgaria Travel ltd and a professional tour guide licensed by the Bulgarian Ministry of Tourism. I graduated from Sofia University and I have a Master Degree in Tourism.

My Story (in brief ;))

I grew up in the most beautiful ski resort in Bulgaria, Pamporovo. My parents worked there for 30 years in the first hotel in the resort and one of the first hotels in Bulgaria. The tourists in the hotel were mainly Irish students. It gave me a unique chance to communicate mainly with foreigners. This is how very young I started to speak English. Already at that time, I knew what my job was going to be. With no doubt, I wanted to become a tour guide.

My Education

I finished the Tourism High school in the town of Smolyan in 1997. In September the same year I went to the Plovdiv University where I did Master in “Tourism”.

My job

In 2002, I started to work in a travel agency in Sofia. I was responsible for the organization of the Bulgarian group tours abroad and worked as a tour leader as well. This is how in a short time I travelled all over Europe. Meanwhile, I passed a tour guide training course and got my license.

My job in France

In 2006, I went to France where I worked in one of the most beautiful spots in the world, the French Riviera. I was part of The Cap West International real estate agency where my job was to provide tours to the clients that rented villas with us. This is the best period of my life when I learned to serve the customers exactly the way they wanted. I learned to be always up to date with the new stuff, to be responsible and to listen to their wishes. Simply, I learned how to provide the best service.

Back to Bulgaria

In 2009, I decided to get back to Bulgaria and to start-up my own business. As every beginning, it was not easy, but my biggest advantage was that I believed in myself. I believed that I was good at this job and I could give so much pleasure to the visitors that trusted their tour to me.
I decided to buy a car and to provide the tours as a guide-driver. Well, I was the first female in Bulgaria to do it. Later I decided that I needed a bigger vehicle for my groups of 4 to 7 people. My husband did not believe me when I announced my decision to buy and drive a mini-van. Again, the first female in Bulgaria to provide tours by a van. Today the company has 6 cars and 2 very comfortable minivans Mercedes Viano.

The growth of Easy Bulgaria Travel Ltd

Thanks to my passion and my love to the job, I extended Easy Bulgaria Travel ltd to 10 employees. Today I have a team of 8 dedicated, great guides, a technician and myself. I selected each of them very carefully and I believe that I made a great choice. First and most important feature to be a good guide is to love the job. I strongly believe that the love that we have for our job makes us so successful. The tourists very rapidly feel this love, passion and dedication.
Somebody said: “They may forget what you said…but they will never forget how you made them feel.”
I am sure, that many of our customers do not remember what we said about Sofia, Bulgaria, one or another historical site. However, I strongly believe that each of our customers remembers the guide that he had.

My conception

I believe that we deliver an emotional and passionate tour experience. I support a conception of the new generation of tour guides – energetic, knowledgeable and full of energy. Eager to make you indulge in the magic called Bulgaria. We are not just guides. We are guides that will share the history of our country in a way that you will truly admire and appreciate.
Today in Easy Bulgaria Travel Ltd, we aim to provide not only a tour but also a lifetime experience. From the testimonials of our dear clients, I understand that usually, we reach this goal.
We work with private parties, small and big groups.
In our service, I include all the elements of a tour, making a perfect combination of a great guide, carefully selected accommodation and a safe and comfortable vehicle. These three parts accompanied by few insights that I always try to add, such as a home-hosted meal or a visit to a local family or some cooking classes make the tour unforgettable.

What is the secret of the success of our tours?

As a passionate traveller, I always try to put myself in the shoes of my customer. I have travelled all over the world and I know what it is to be disappointed with the service that you pay for. That is why my first and most important task is to make our clients happy with our service. I know that our clients pay a lot of money on air tickets and other expenses to spend their holiday in Bulgaria. It is not only for the money, but it is also for the time and most important for the expectation. I always make sure that my team and I will do our best to answer to the expectations that you have and will even go beyond.

Trusting your tour to me and my team will ensure an easy-going communication, smooth planning and impeccable service.
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Tour Guide License Pavlina
Tour Guide License Pavlina